Chicagoland Radio Alert

I will be doing a small, phone in segment on the “Chicagoland Handyman Radio” show, this Sunday (They will tape it tomorrow, for tape broadcast) at 10:00 AM on WIND radio, 560 AM. We will be discussing water intrusion, especially in light of all the local storms we have been having.

Next week (Sunday, July 24th), I will be doing a live, in studio interview for the whole show. Besides plugging myself, I will also be plugging the Chicagoland Chapter.

Listen in, if you want, on the web cast, live, you can go here:

and click the “listen live” tab. For the live show, feel free to call in ((312) 642-5600).

THis may turn into a semi-permenant gig.


I can’t think of a more deserving person. Congrats its a position well earned.

Congratulations Will. Are you gonna wear your orange shirt?:stuck_out_tongue:

Linus, it’s RADIO!

But, yes.

I tried a radio show for two years; not one inspection.

Not one this week either. May have to reduce my price to $199 including termite on any size home, so I can eat.

It’s either that or work at McDonald’s for a whole week for $199.(eat for free)

Applying tomorrow to be a school bus driver this fall. :twisted:

Get some one to tape the show ,Take a memory stick with you and the Controler might do it for you . Also get some one to take pictures they might come in handy . Sorry this is an old one I have NACHI in most … Roy

Radio show.jpg

Congrats Will, have fun!

Someone wants me to be up at 10:00 am on Sunday?
Mazel Tov, Will.