Cantalevered Beam

Just thought I would share this. The house was retrofitted with a perimeter foundation (from pier & post) and I figure that somebody thought the beams were going to be supported by the perimeter wall, but it didn’t happen.


If that’s not supported at end… what would it take to make a teeter-totter.

Maybe a waterbed or hot tub. It’s a little wet down there, maybe one’s not too far.


If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I’d never believe it. That beam does kind of take a dive, doesn’t it?

It does look like it sags at the end. Of course if the only load it carries is the floor framing… that’s not much. I’d call it but if it felt solid and only carried a floor load I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it. Easy fix, too.

I’ve seen this on more than one occassion. Makes you wonder if the ever measured when enclosing the crawl area.
It is a pretty easy fix, if the end has settled enough to warrant the effort.
I would note it in my report though, and recommend that it be fixed.

No way that’s right. The cross-spans appear to be considerable, so even if it’s “only” floor load, it’s still load, and lots of it. Six or seven foot cantilevers in wood are never right. Evaluate by qualified design professional; that’s all one can say.