Car parts as P trap?

I noticed a foam hose from what seemed like an engine used as a P trap. Clearly the trap depth is more than the required 4" - which I wrote up. But is there any regulation against using foam hoses as plumbing drains? :slight_smile:

Plumbing components must be manufactured and listed for their specific purpose. I have seen listed fittings and traps which are rubber, although I don’t “like” them. I can’t say by looking at it, if yours is one of those listed traps.

There are many products on the market deemed for “emergency use”. There is nothing to specify how long an emergency may last. Write it up, and carry on.

Only time I have ever seen drain with traps like the one you show is in a beauty palor / barbershop and once in a house at a kitchen sink. The theory was that in event of a clog it could be squeezed or manipulated to quickly and easily dislodge whatever was causing the clog. I do not know if I buy that story but there it is.

This may be similar to what you have…


If you look at the logo you will see it has a CSA approval as any part sold in Crappy Tire or Home De pot. This is not approved however by most plumbers for installation.
As J J said write it up and carry on.