Stucco applied directly to plywood

Stucco on this home was applied directly to plywood. I know this is bad, you could see the joints, but there was no cracking ('95) and no obvious delamination. What do I tell the client?

Do you have a few more pictures?

I thought the only guy doing that kinda crap was in the KC metro.

How thick/thin is it?

Is it an acrylic product?

Tell them its a hybrid system.

And recomend an IR scan for moisture!

I would tell them that since their is no type of vapor barrrier between the stucco and plywood there is a potential for moisture wicking through the stucco and prematurely rotting the plywood.

Some of those products claim they are water proof and need no moisture barrier/vapor barrier!

And there are some that just go on as a thin coat just like paint!

I am not an expert in Stucco and don’t claim to be one, but even years ago this system would have had some sort of rain screen like 15# or 30# felt and a mesh and brown coat.
I would imagine that water infiltration and/or moisture has migrated through this plywood in various areas with visible cracks or none.

I would tell them what you see and IR scan as Carl mentioned is the only other alternative to investigate damage without destruction at this point.

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Hard to tell from the image but there appear to be more problems with the structure in contact with the grade, along with a mis-applied finish coat system.

IR scans are all well and good as long as the operator has a minimum Level I certification. There are many field calibrations and adjustments required to properly read an IR image especially outdoors and produce a realistic report.

I just completed the Level I certification and am in the R&D process for the right equipment for my intended purposes.

I did call out the stucco below grade because for about 6’ it’s got wood framing behind it. For most of the wall stucco ran onto the concrete foundation wall a few inches. No weep screed or any way for moisture to escape out the bottom once it’s trapped behind the stucco so I called that out too.

Good call Kenton;

Have you ever heard of being able to rent these IR scan devices?

My understanding is that their price for this equipment is beyond many HI’s reach as far as owning one.

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I’ve never heard of these for rent without you have to rent the operator too, Marcel.

Any idea what the price would be with the operator?

Just curious, not like I have a need for it or anything, but would be nice to answer the question if the need arises. If you know what I mean.

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There is a guy in KC and I think he charges 225-250$


Thanks Carl, and how would one check for a particular area such as mine if the service is available.?

I might be in to something here, that no one else is providing. ha. ha. $$

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Contact Greg Stockton

Or google it maybe!