Stucco cracking,

Looked at home built in 2001, stucco exterior, two story.

Flashing wasn’t evident above windows, and all window trim lower pieces had cracking / splits. No kick out flashings.

The trim above the french doors was the same, with a lot of damage to even the side pieces.

Pretty sad shape for the age.

101_2832 (Small).jpg

101_2879 (Small).jpg

101_2877 (Small).jpg


Was the trim foam with just a little stucco thrown at it?

No backer rod and sealant joints between the stucco and the windows?
That can be seen anyway.

No control joints?

All of the horizontal surfaces should have a positive slope to drain water to the exterior.

What are the spans for control joints?
Usually place one to each side of window or door?

Here’s a couple more pics.



Corners of all windows and doors and at the plate line between the first and second story.

No areas to be bigger than 144 sq. ft.

In the picture of the trim if they built the trim out of cement the cracking/void is where they piled the trim on in layers to build it to thickness.

Was it cement or foam?

I believe it was cement. Nothing else around there is foam.

There were no control joints, anywhere.

Looked like the water had been running in behind the window / door trim, and then down and out where ever it could.

Wish I had a thermo camera to ‘see in the walls’. Course, it’s been so long since it rained here, may not be any left in the walls !

How far are you from Dallas?

150 - 200 miles. I guess.

San Antonio is 80 miles.

Barry Adair will travel for the right amount.

It might not have rained for a while but the damage could still be there.

That’s a great idea.

I think the buyer will walk on this one, tho. If the buyer is interested, I will contact Barry to check the pricing. House is located in Uvalde, TX, appx. 100 miles W of San Antonio.

At the end of insp, he was saying he wished he had the inspection done before making an offer.

There were several problems besides the exterior. The electric sub panel in laundry had bar between both bus bars, mixed neut and grounds, and it was bonded. Would take a few bucks for electrician to fix. He wasn’t a happy camper.

Just noticed this evening the stucco class in Boulder, CO on Monday / Tuesday. Wish I had seen it sooner.

Thanks for the help,

Thanks for your continued support!

My next available appointment is 12-22-08…not cheap but they’ll get the facts

Thanks, Barry. I will let them know when I speak with them. Will contact you accordingly.

Please respond privately to possible cost for exam.
2,275 sq. ft.
2 story
All exterior walls are stucco

100 miles W of San Antonio