Carl Hates Bad Stucco

Carl, have you had any builders call you yet…:stuck_out_tongue:

I tried going to but came up empty.

Russel, It is being worked on.

Dale, You forgot the rest of the list.
Bad ruffin
Bad window installation
Bad moisturebarrier installation
Bad/no flashing installation
Bad/Lax city codes enforcement
Tapeing of horizontal joints in the moisture barrier
Bad sheathing installation,1/8 inch gap for OSB
Bad/no kickout installation
Painting stucco before it is cured out, then blameing the stucco for the problems
Sprinklers that hit the walls
Shoddy builders
AAMA and ASTM specs that just cause failures
People who would rather lie then tell the truth even if the truth sounded better
Immigration laws and enforcement
Having to quit doing stucco after 27 years because of all the crap thats going on and not stooping to that level

Sorry for the rant

ps. My spelling and grammar

I tried it and works. Good site…

Thanks Jae

He got it linked. For now it is suppose to go to badstucco. Later it will be more about all sidings and pictures of damage.
And I am looking for pictures.

New Construction.

Preparation for Stucco. (Wall Slicker by Obdyke)

Are you familiar with this product???

No I am not. I hate to say it tyvek has more then their market share here. Imo

Here are the photos of the preliminry phase of this installation of Obdyke Home Slicker.

Material goes over the Tyvek and below the Wire lathe.

It tried it again and it took me to