Carson Dunlop ?????

I am about to sit down and write a check to a school for an On-Line/ Home study course with Carson Dunlop.
I would like to hear your input before.
Has anyone taken the course and if so how did you like it or not like it.


Where are you located?

If you are not sure about your career choice, NACHI has a lot of free education you can take and see if home inspecting is right for you. As soon as you write that big check it is hard to turn back. You can lose a lot of money if home inspecting is not your forte.

I know many who have taken this course and all seem to be well satisfied .

I agree 100% also are you ready for a long road to be full time. Also hope you are not like many that get told you can make tons of $$$ at this, you can but it takes some time to get there…just my 2 cents

Last time I checked, their home study course was about $2,400

Thats way too much for a correspondence type course.

Several years ago, I bought several of their modules for our ASHI Chapter at $115 - $135 p/module. That was reasonable. Lot of the material and slides were dated.

Once they became an ASHI preferred vendor, they raised the fees because they sent a heft kickback to ASHI.

OK. You can hear my opinion here.

Graham, no one pays for online inspection education anymore. It’s all free or nearly free and has been for years.

If you state requires so many hours go take a week long course with a Vo tech or a local company. Usually around 1K or less. Once you have your mandatory hours get with and earn your certification. All this can be done within a month. Once all that’s in place get your insurance with Best insurance out their for new inspectors and seasoned. Make sure to register your business with your state and get your LLC. Ok all that’s in place now for the hard part. Marketing. Spend about two years marketing really hard and before you know it you’ll be up and going full time.

Graham, here is the best advice I can give: Read every word of … twice.

Billy, you are a couple of K off on tuition for live classes. NJ has a 140 hour program requirement. The school I am tied up with charges $3300.00 for that. Then there is mentoring $$$$.

my quote from was 1,653.75 + 859.00 so not so sure on the $$$ part on what was said above…Billy forgot to add the liability $$$ on top of the 1,653

Thanks for the replies guys.
I am located in Canada Dartmouth Nova Scotia to be exact.
I have been involved in the Home building and other types of building for the last 25 years. I have the floor and the Project desks Contractor sales as well as Manufacture sales rep for several home building supply companies I did have my plumbing ticket way back (it has long expired),
I have built houses as well as a purchasing agent for company that built Off Shore Oil Rig (No not BP);-).
I love building and the science that goes into it so Home inspection really seems like a good direction for me right at this timer in my life.
I think i will take some advise and take the free courses offered here and see how it goes Then maybe invest in the paid course, The reason I chose Carson Dunlop was they are about the only course that the CANADIAN ASSOCIATION OF HOME & PROPERTY INSPECTORS recognized as approved .
Again thanks Guys I really value you opinions and experience.


I am teaching the Carson Dunlop schooling in Sault Ste Marie On.
The 10 section course is not at all like InterNachi.
InterNachi scores according to knowledge and safety and that is why I incourage you to become a certified Nachi inspector.
It will take about a year for you to become full member if you treat it like school.
You will not be disappointed if you stick with it.

Kevin Wood advises:

And that’s coming from an instructor. Thanks.