Cassette tape repair tool (collectors item)

Some wear and cosmetic blemishes but hasn’t been operated since late 80’s

Asking $25.00 (Firm)
NACHI members receive free shipping and instruction manual

Will consider trade for functioning 8-track player



Does that include the Scotch Tape?

How funny as when cleaning I found boxes of cassette tapes and am trying to get someone to take them.

I’ll throw a full roll of scotch tape in just for NACHI members as well!

No teeth marks on this tool either! :wink:

That is awesome! I could never find one of those when I needed one, the only thing lying around was a round pen! Very frustrating.

But I think I will pass anyway as I can’t find my cassette player.

Damn, that’s some funny stuff------:stuck_out_tongue:

Your prize has been shipped! :smiley: