Cat S60 Smartphone with built-in Flir camera

Has anyone else installed Home Gauge Companion on a Cat S60 Smartphone and find the software is not compatible with the Android on that smartphone? I have the companion on my new phone (CAT S60) but the soft keys at the bottom of the phone are different from my old cell phone (Blue Studio Mini). The right key @ bottom of phone is now to open recent programs and is no longer the back button. The Middle button is Home which brings me to the desktop. The Left button which used to be the menu button where I could open a New Report or Open a Report Save Report, More, HG Services, About. I can’t get to this menu so has anyone else purchased a Cat S60 with a built in Flir camera and has this problem?

I’m just curious as to whether or not you were able to get your CAT phone to work with the companion software. I have been considering the CAT phone myself but can’t seem to find much information about its compatibility.

Dom says it works great with HIP .