New Roof

Looks Nice.






  • Defective Installation. Recommend Strip and Replace.

The new roof will likely need a new roof to replace the new roof’s installation with a new roof.

Call it what it is…“A roof patch”

Uh-Guh-Lee. Recommend that the installer have a big ring installed in his nose.

You Guys are just way to Picky. :wink:

Caulk fasteners and roll out imperfections.

If that looks nice and last long, I will invest in that swamp land in Florida.:eek:

Thought that was a Big Top at Barnum and Baily’s Circus for a second there.

Linas that is a bad job from the get go.
I am surprised to here you say those simple fixes will approve that repair.
Photo #1 a.There should be NO NO NO nails showing and valley is a leak waiting to happen.
b.Even if they left the metal flashing installed, it will give way to water infiltration. It is filled with nail holes from the shingles that were once there.
c.The nails will rise.
d.There is no 4 inch overlap and what is overlapped the adhesive is not there and it is bubbled and not sealed properly.
Photo #2 nails .
photo #3 no valley flashing tranisation. The seam is on top and should not be exposed.
photo #4 Dam where do I start. Cap is in efectice. It will lift under moderate wind and allow water infiltration. b. no drip. or face board flashing. c. lower valley will leak in time.
d. upper extended plain in on top of shingles and will lift under moderate wind. It is not fastened well. It can not stick to shingle granular.
I would love to see the framing under the extension.
There has been a retro fit to the home.
I could go on by why.
Any photos of the exterior please.

Oddly enough this part of the roof was not visible from the street. Imagine that. :cool:

Advise home buyer to invest in mops and buckets! They will need them…LOL

It needs a ridge vent.

Robert, You’re the victim of Linas’ wit…

He has wit?

You looked at the back of the roof?

Wow, lucked out on that one—:lol:

Or did the buyer point it out?—:stuck_out_tongue:

Trainee caught it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he may already be a CMI. :cool:

“I think he may already be a CMI.” :cool:

Not yet but with Brian training me anything can happen.

Well, if you also need a comment from a roofing professional, here it is.

Roof Summary;
The roof and it’s patches are shot, and it now has two, if not more layers on it. The entire roof needs to be removed, the deck needs to be inspected and any rotted wood replaced, and a new roof installed by a roofing professional.

Whats the guys name Frank?
We are waiting for that that professional comment.