Material Defect at Deck

Looks great from 20 feet.

Looks great from 5 feet.

Not required to “tug” at the capping, but I always do.




What are you a forensic investigator! What a cover up that one is.
So much for the SOP on non invasive procedures.:shock:

From 20 ft?

Come on. The first thing that caught my eye was the bowed skirt board in the first picture.

Exactly my first thought.
Was the bamboo shade helping to pull at it ?

Good construction and/or inspection terminoligy Mike - “The Skirt Board” - For photo.

Me, too…and it didn’t look great, Ben.

Me three at 20 feet it appears bowed and looks like it will snap at any moment. I would of put police tape around it and said don’t use until further notice.

Without seeing the top view, I would say the edge flashing leaked and rotted out the band joist or beam.

Were the deck joist cantilevered or framed inbetween the dwelling exterior wall and the beam or band joist.?

Definitely need repairs, but how it was framed would decide whether or not it needs to be closed off for safety.

I would have noted:

"My recommendation, in view of what I discovered during the inspection, would be to deter from using this balcony deck until further investigation is done by a Licensed and Qualified General Contractor. His evaluation of the integrety of the deck for safety should be adhered too, and repaired per his recommendations. "

Nice pick up on that Ben. :slight_smile:

I am sure that Ben new about the bow guys. If you go through the Home Inspection on InterNachi TV he even shows this bowing effect on a century home. One post was removed to allow for a ramp. In this case he would call out the problem and refer to a structural engineer. He also would say it is not safe until corrected. IMO
I will say also that metal skirting was not installed straight. The Guard railings are perfectly straight.

Metal cladding is a dead give-away in my area.
Nice narrative Marcel.