Cement Lap Siding Not Seated

New Construction, the cement lap siding had open gaps between the lap planks. What cause the planks from not properly seating. Is this caused by oven driven nails? Installation does not look right to me. I’m looking for narrative suggestions.

The siding was installed with blind nails but I did note face nails driven in one or more areas to seat the planks.

“Lap siding was not properly seated in one or more areas and have created open gaps / entryways for moisture intrusion. Recommend evaluation by a qualified siding contractor and correction to help prevent potential of moisture intrusion or damage to materials behind siding.”


If that is James Hardie siding call a representative. If possible they’ll come to the site, at minimum they will review photos and give advice on correct installation.

Plain poor workmanship, one of those hurry up and finish jobs !