Certainteed Shingles?

How would I identify these shingles as certainteed organic?

They are definitely past their useful life.


I had read that settlement document before.

I was kinda hoping someone on this forum had seen enough of them to indicate yay or nay by sight.

Then again, being there and seeing is better than photos…

The roof needed to be replaced regardless and that’s what I wrote.:cool:

What makes you say they are organic. I see fiberglass in those shingles with severe granule loss. Organic shingles usually curl a great deal in that condition. You are right though…past useful life, and it really doesn’t matter what the manufacturer’s name is.

That’s just it, I don’t know if they were the organic. Certainteed organic were the only ones recalled that’s the only reason it came up.

Let the seller research it if they think they got bad shingles. Your client only needs to know that they need to be replaced.