Certified Master Inspectors (CMIs) in a dozen states & provinces, many NACHI members.


Anyone that would put their name on this list has no business being a home inspector. All of you are the scum of the industry as far as I am concerned.


I believe that it is absolutely silly as well. I see some popular names on there though.I guess congratulations are in order.

Logo already in use: http://www.thehome-inspection.com/

Looks nice.

Thanks for the CMI & also for the compliment on my site Nick.:cool:

I’m most happy about there being no annual dues.


At what point does one begin being able to count continuing education? Consider these cases:

  1. Some states have no licensing so one declares himself to be an inspector and then starts taking courses. I assume that since these are being taken after becoming an inspector that these are continuing courses so a person from this state could become a CMI with 150 total hours of education. True/False?

  2. After Jan 2005, Texas requires 448 hours before you can take the test to get licensed. So the 150 starts counting AFTER getting the license? Therefore the total hours for an inspector from TX licensed after Jan 2005 to become a CMI is 448+150 = 598 hours? True/False?

150 hours vs 498 hours to become a CMI: Fair/Unfair?

That’s a great question & I hope it gets answered. Since I was licensed prior to the TREC 448 hour rule I needed 192 hours (or maybe it was 188 ) and it would appear those would count for the 150 CMI required hours. I might just apply and test the waters so to speak.

Me too.

I’m not sure I would want to do the CMI now, even if the hours count. I’m afraid I would run into John Cahill at a chapter meeting and he would raise an eyebrow and say “CMI, are ya?”. I’d have to slink away in shame.

But for the sake of fairness to those with more hutzpah (spelling?) than I, I would like a clarification.

Read the first sentence in http://www.certifiedmasterinspector.org/cmi/apply.htm It starts at birth (“lifetime”).

Also, John would love CMI’s COE.


Thanks for the reply. TREC calls continuing education as that which is taken after getting a license. So the CMI definition includes any educational hours; is that a correct interpretation of your response? Just wanna be clear about this.

10! count em’ 10 replys and not one mention of kool-aid, well raise my rent, if that don’t beat all?


Since CMI is available to inspectors in both states that have licensing and states that don’t have licensing, it doesn’t distinguish between the education one received prior to getting a license with the education one received after getting a license… and neither does one’s brain. It would be silly to make such a distinction. One’s ability to learn is not enhanced by having or not having a piece of paper issued by the state.


Thanks for the explaination. As I said, the TREC definition of “continuing” is different from the CMI one. So we now have a bit more clairty.

The site www.certifiedmasterinspector.org is sure climbing the search engine rankings fast (naturally, without us doing any search engine optimization). If you type certified master inspector in www.google.com it comes up first. Typing certified inspectors (another phrase commonly used by consumers) still yields NACHI.org first with www.InspectorLocator.com close behind. Not too shabby for a site that has been up only a couple weeks.

Nice to see that this member who started this year is now a master inspector.

Brian C. McDonald, CMI
McDonald Home Inspection Services, LLC
Jaffrey, NH
(603) 532-2433

I think I will start a blog to let the consumers know what a scam this is.


I’ll go one step further and lay odds the prices he charges are under the average for his market too. Bravo, soon CMI will only be associated with Cheap M[size=2]arketing[/size] Inexperience, and shunned by the true professionals nationwide. Who knows with a little work it might become the anti-list for consumers.

The few names that I know & respect (like Gerry Beaumont & Mike Rowan) who have chosen to associate themselves with CMI will most likely defect as the program becomes overrun with those just seeking another easy NACHI driven designation. Too bad & too sad for our profession.

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