Certified Master Inspector ..You need to be one! Yep!

Let me tell you why. OK?
$400K plus home.
Today inspection the client told me that the only reason he decided on 1st Pro Inspection was because I was a Certified Master Inspector. This isn’t the first time this has happened it happens often.

I asked him.
Are you telling me that my 35 plus years as an inspector didn’t persuade you? His answer was NO!

How about me being a Florida licensed residential contractor? He said No!
He said he made his decision on me being a Certified Master Inspector and that was all he even considered.

Trust me Brothers and Sisters! This happens all the time here at 1st Pro Inspection.
Become a CMI and greatly boost your income… you can’t go wrong…Really

SHHH Roy… I agree it worked great for us .
We where the only ones in our area for Years .
We charged more then all others in our area and worked great for us .
Still only a couple of CMIs Glad for them.
Many still charge less then we did 7 years ago


Every consumer loves those three little words. They are instantly understandable: CERTIFIED MASTER INSPECTOR®.

Yes sir Roy and Nick.
I think it because it is trusted name . And we had to jump through the hoops and do the inspections to get the designation.

It works no doubt about that.
If you remember Nick and Roy I fought it all the way.
And hindsight being 20/20 I would have done it when it first came out. No Doubt!

SAVED! Will come in very handy in MY marketing! :razz: