A quick thought on CMI

For everyone who includes information regarding CMI in their advertising, website, and even business cards, it would be beneficial to consider writing out the entire title as Certified Master Inspector in at least the first reference. We all understand the meaning of that title, but to the general public, the three letters of CMI have no meaning.

Good point! I never use just CMI because there are too many Certified Mold Inspectors out there using CMI already. Too bad Nick does not do much about this.

CMI is supposed to be a separate entity all on it’s own according to Nick.

So why all the push for it from INACHI?

What Brian said…$$$$$

Membership has it’s privileges. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not? No harm done.

Because CMI… oops… I mean Certified Master Inspector… is a professional designation many members use in conjunction with their marketing.

Good point about CMI Jesse… oops again… I mean Certified Master Inspector.

Recently, I did my experiment at our local chapter meeting again… where I write out every inspection organization’s acronym along with IAC2, InterNACHI, CREIA, National Certificate Holder, Certified Master Inspector, Insured, FABI, ASHI, Licensed, RESNET, Bonded, BPI, Family-owned and operated, P.E., ICC, Infrared Certified, NCP, CAHPI, etc.

I asked our waitress to pick whichever she thought was the best of the best. Like every other time I’ve run the market test… she picked “Certified Master Inspector”… but she didn’t pick CMI.

I belong to NACHI and see Certified Mold Inspectors the same way I see ASHI,NAHI,CREIA,or any other lessor association with no real CE program to help Inspectors better themselves.
CMI is a logo and little else unless members here actually feel we should have a tier system.
Should we open up discussion to do so?

If CMI means something then so does 250 Inspections .
Any thoughts?

It depends on what you mean by “means something”

“Means something” to whom?

I’ll give you a little tip from may marketing studies. The average consumer thinks that 250 inspections doesn’t sound like much. Don’t believe me? Ask a few what they think. 250 sounds like a small total-career number to most consumers. You need the word “thousand” in there if you are going to brag about it. So unless you have performed more than 1,000 inspections and can honestly slip the word “thousand” into your statement of how many inspections you’ve done… don’t.

The next time you are on an inspection, ask your client “Hey, just for fun, can you guess how many inspections I do a week?” Most will give you an answer upwards of 50.

So 250 over your career sounds to your average consumer’s ears as if you went into business last month.

You do not need to have performed a 1,000 inspections to qualify as a Certified Master Inspector, not even close.

Thank you. My point exactly. Unless you are in the thousands, don’t brag about how many inspections you’ve done (numerically) in your career because the average consumer assumes the average inspector has done many thousands. Anything in the “hundreds” sounds low to a consumer’s ears.

Again, the next time you are on an inspection, ask your client “Hey, just for fun, can you guess how many inspections I do a week?” Most consumers will give you an answer upwards of 50. Some of my own staff who have worked in our industry for years thought it was over 50/week. The few consumers who get close to guessing correctly will be the ones who stop and take time to think about it, and in marketing… no consumer “stops and takes time to think” about anything.

You only get maybe 3 words to get your point across and make your pitch. And I’m sure by now you know the 3 words (not letters, as Jesse correctly notes) that work like a magic charm. :cool:

How many is minimum and how are they qualified ?
Are the examined for quality or can they be lousy reports?

To join NACHI one must pass a test.
What type of testing must one take to become CMI?

Does CMI have any upper education programs befitting of a true Master Inspector ?

What are the other benefits other than bragging rights ? I noticed a group of three guys in Miami doing a lot of that this summer.:slight_smile:

Is there association better than NACHI ? Is it still the best ?

Those are all good questions Bob. But from a purely marketing standpoint… the answers don’t matter.


  1. [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Verdana, Sans Serif]completing 1,000 fee-paid inspections and/or hours of inspection-related Continuing Education courses (combined) in their lifetime;


  1. proving they’ve been in the inspection business for at least three years;

  2. abiding by the industry’s toughest Code of Ethics;

  3. substantially following a Board-approved Standards of Practice;

  4. submitting to a criminal background check; and

  5. applying for Board certification by signing an affidavit in front of a Notary.

Don’t forget the Most important part.


Yes Don’t forget the Most important part listed below

Strange how many who Complain are not a CMI .

Strange how a large % CMIs seem to last in business.

Strange how a large % of non CMIs do not last .

I make a lot of stupid posts on this message board. My post #13 of this thread isn’t one of them.

It was presented at the beginning as being separate from INACHI.

It is a Designation (of dubious value) that was Purchased by some Inspectors that do not belong to INACHI and or left INACHI after they Bought their stickers.

I as a dues paying member in INACHI do not like promoting non INACHI Members.

Just saying.