Certified Oil Tank Inspections????

Hello NACHI,

Have you folks heard of this oil tank testing? They are offering a class (training) via NAHI where they teach you to use their equipment (sell you their equipment) thus certifying the tank as good or not… then they can get insurance etc… to warranty the tank, plus discounts on homeowners?

They offer CEU’s for ASHI and NAHI on the training :wink:

This link has some info but not much.



Let me know your thoughts/concerns.


Petro oil just had a class on this just last week on long island. It’s not a bad idea ? The ultrasonic equiptment is not cheap and Petro will help on the purchase of equiptment. If anyone on long island is intereasted you can call Petro Oil @ 516-686-1920 ask for Jerry McGrath:roll:
Len Ungar [L I Nachi chapter Pres.]

Yeah i was liking the idea as well… except the cost of the equipment… so far all I can find out is “less than 1000.00”… :shock: gulp

and considering how much can you actually add onto an inspection fee??? I was thinking it would be very little as clients expect you to evaluate the tank anyway!!! I suppose… $10 accross the board? 20.00?? There is added work with recording the data, paperwork for the Certification etc… maybe 50.00? Is that going to fly… ohhh our general home inspection is 329.00, but if we evalutate the oil tank it is 50.00 more… as it stands, I offer licensed oil burner inspection as an extra 75.00 which is rarely taken…

i dunno… I sure cannot afford the added expense right now… my training and tools budget was blown months ago!!!:wink:


They are pushing this course in New Hampshire. With the added inspection, testing, report writing, and the coordination between you, your client, and the oil company that is going to “sell” a guarantee, the time and cost to YOU would be great.

As I see it, You would be acting as a “middle man” to sell the “Oil Tank guarantee”.

I do not see charging less than $100.00 for this service.

I have been contaced by phone, E-mail, and regular mail many, many times by the company that presents this class. They want me to schedule a class for our New Hampshire Chapter.

Until I get more feedback from people who have taken this class, the “jury is still out.”

It would be a great service to our customer… but they are likely not going to want to pay extra for it… and that is how I see it… a lot of extra work for no gain… sure we will get some peace of mind, actually knowing a little more about the condition of the tank… but at what cost to us… absolutely more must be learned… I requested more info… some specific questions to the email on the flyer i received… they are “looking into it!”… for the past couple days… hmmm keeping my checkbook close at hand!

Take the training as the information is beneficial to your overall approach when encountering an Oil Tank. The CEU credit is an added plus.

Purchase of the equipment and conducting the additional inspection is a business decision you have to make dependant upon your market.


three days after I ask about it… boom here it is…