Thanks Busshy!!!

Now, It’s NAHI That Needs Our Help!!!

THANKS !!! for the reminder.:wink: :wink:

I forgot all about this and meant to e-mail NAHI and ask them if they had a fund to fight the all false and unsubstantiated lying to the public about non nachi HI qualifications prior to being marketed to the public as “certified,” along with all other BS by gromicko and his select elite about non nachi/ nick, “certified” or as nick claims “stupid” or as you now claim “numnut” HIs in this profession…

If given an option… Yes I am proud to say I am both, opposed to being a HI that supports this public embarrassment of OUR profession.
My check for $100.00 to NAHI is in the mail today.:slight_smile:

Harris your money would be better spent on a membership here.

Using this quote from a long time, highly respected and very supportive/ pro nachi member, employee? maybe now a nachi former employee? on the coe.3.3 topic …

I am tired of all the BS. What happened to the Home Inspection Association with some benefits?

I think not…


I have a 4,500 sq ft house in your area, water coming in windows…are you available today for an IR scan?



I have 2 scheduled today, I should be done around 4:30
if that works, sure, give me a call.

10-4…Jeld wens not installed correctly according to the factory rep.

Weeps covered with stucco…no moist stop…the usual…:shock:

I told him you are always very busy, and told him I could only try to get you there today.

I will leave your contact information with him. The man was in tears after the last rain this week, said he had to go to Home Depot and buy 5 gallon pails.

House is 11 months old.

Thanks Dan…you the IR man…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oh…and sorry for the thread drift…:-({|=

Would have been better spent at the racetrack. :mrgreen:

Dan, I have not been an employee of NACHI since a week after the first convention when my position of HI traveling to the RE conventions and things was disestablished, that was in 2005.