Charged $650 to fix one rod hole huh


3/21/20 … ‘charged $650 to fix a rod hole, not fixed’… yeah and the numbers floated to ‘fix’ cracks is for injecting the cracks from inside, good luck

If i charged just 1/2 of that amount for rod holes, Bubba would be one wealthy bald headed fart
What… a…SCAM.

Scroll down a bit…
Allen, ‘Beware seniors’
Hmmmm, crawlspace, complaint in-part says, vapor barrier seam came loose and then they could see water loollllllllllllll

What likely happened here and i see it occur often is, the INT system company talked them into a crawl encapsulation with vapor barrier slapped on walls, one or more seam came loose and they saw water… well, quite likely the company did NOT diagnose the problems correctly, did not diagnose where the water is getting in and just sold homeowner what they always do which doesn’t stop the water from entering, the V-barrier hides-conceals the walls, the water, hellllllo

Many homeowners ‘think’ these INT system chumps fixed their problems when they do not see water after dumb job was done and some homeowners give company good recommendations. But part of what happens is, these companies do NOT stop the water from where it is entering, rather they install their versions of an INT system that diverts the incoming water, under the floor, crawl or basement and quite a few will place visqueen or a black membrane or bright wall paneling against part of all the basement/crawl wall inside. All this crap does is hide-conceal incoming water, mold, efflorescence, crack (s) widening etc

Cindy 5/02
waterproofing system in basement, not cheap, they have been out 2 additional times and tried to sell me more products, i spent alot of money and still leak

Sooooooooo, some HI’s here can say i’m a basher etc, lolllllllllll, truth is i bash people who cheat homeowners, awwwwwwwww i’m such a terrible person!

In the meantime i see some home inspectors here who like to run around behind my back (and likely behind others) and talk crap, THEY cried about me bashing a SCAMMING INT system company but it’s okay for them to talk sht. They actually cry n moan about a contractor weho has helped save quite a few homeowners tens of thousands $$$ with his ‘bashing’


INT system chumps/liars will COVER, HIDE the bottom blocks, one reason why.