Homeowner says he called well known Detroit area waterproofing company

1:50… yep, called well known Detroit area waterproofing company and THEY said his problem/leak was caused by HYDROSTATIC PRESSURE due to BLOCKED DRAIN TILES and wanted $20,000 to install an interior basement system.

What was said to this homeowner is repeated to most others by at least most if not all other interior basement system companies, that’s right.

The homeowner ONLY leaked in this one area, had a vertical crack and a few deteriorated rod holes, that’s IT!!!

So all he needed was to have the one crack waterproofed outside and the rod holes plugged, cost $1,350 to fix his problems that had NOTHING to do with a supposed hydrostatic pressure problem caused by blocked drain tiles, this is nonsense folks!

Another homeowner in Sterling Heights, pretty much the same BS story told to him, he received est of $15,700 and $27,000… he only leaked in ONE area because he had one vertical crack in the wall, that’s it!
He coughed up $1,350 to us to fix his lone problems. If he didn’t have a brain then he would have coughed up $15,000 or 27,000, feel me?

Here’s one more for YA, FER now… Macomb Michigan, LISTEN to the homeowner sheesh, loool, he ONLY leaked in one area, chimney area… yet THEY told him he needed an entire system that would have cost $20,000–25,000!! Hellllllllllllllllllllllloooo!

We waterproofed the exterior of his chimney walls for $1,900 which included saw-cutting his concrete patio 18" wide by appx 12’ long, no more leaks, anywhere!

Hmmmm, $20,000 versus $1,900. If it’ll make some homeowners feel better by spending more money then loool pay us $5,000, how’s that? Give it to the HONEST contractors would ya please.

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