Leaky finished basement, this homeowner has a brain that works

yes they use their head versus some who do not and believe the lies from the inside systems guy’s.

he had estimates from some INT system chumps who wanted to, lol, install a drainage system costing BIG money (he lives in Bloomfield Hills $), so he found my ugly azz and i explained to him he likely has a deteriorated leaky rod hole (s) and-or a crack in wall that is allowing water in n imo should remove some drywall and hope it’s one of those, preferably a rod hole for homeowners sake, waay less money. Sure enough… lol

INT system quotes $15,000 to 25,000

had there been a crack in poured wall that was allowing water in, we’d have charged $2,500 ish, 7’ deep

1 rod hole … $25

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