Check out this well!

Inspected this home a week or so ago. When I entered the dining room (Photo #1)I found a open hatch to what I would describe as a cellar not a basement. Then I found all the well components (Photo #2) with the well line going not just through the foundation wall but into it and straight down. Well was suppose to be 35-40 feet deep per seller. Confused I wondered how do you get the well pump out? Up in the dining room I found this gold pot (Photo# 3&4) covering the well head. This part of the home was obviously an addition.

Home had many defects with this being the least of it’s problems including Asbestos, mold, and termites. Good thing my client was planning on knocking it down in a few years to build a new home… just sped up their timeline.

Pretty cool, I bet you let out a deep sigh when you opened that cellar door. Did you test for mold or asbestos or was it pretty obvious?

Pretty obvious everywhere.

Pretty awesome!

I guess finding mold is a lot better than finding a dead body down there haha :smiley: