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Obama’s negotiations with Gustav prove fruitful; storm spares “French Quarter”

Feminist group: Sarah Palin worst mother since June Cleaver; decried as “too feminine”

Obama: leave Bristol alone, she has been punished enough with a baby

Obama: ready from day one to place a call to UN if a US city is nuked

Obama beats Hillary to coveted CPUSA endorsement

February 2050 declared White History Month. Future headlines expected to read “Minorities hardest hit… and deservedly so.”

Obama denounces Russia’s actions; humbled Russia sends self to Gulag

US trade deficit dropped; NYT instructs readers to turn paper upside down for more favorable view of graph

Sharpton protests disproportionate deaths of Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes, calls for immediate deaths of David Letterman and Billy Joel to even score

Obama Takes McCain into Custody
Posted by Michael Asher on Tuesday, October 14, 2008 11:52:34 AM

Edwards claims he was having affair with camera, didn’t notice woman attached

This finger wasn’t made to “Press One for English”. 19th is International Swimmers’ Day
**THIS DAY IN HISTORY (from the People’s™ Archives) **
Chappaquiddick Triangle Claims Another Victim]( Water (Ted Kennedy and Doobie Brothers)](
Swimming Home Alone (a Pantomime)

Obama’s ‘Take a penny, leave a penny’ economic plan sparks new hope

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The weird ways in which the McCainanites cope with their imminent defeat …

Sounds like you have jumped on the Obama wagon Nick! Good luck with your new beliefs! By the way McCain is not my guy, my guy lost in the primary’s. I was a loser a long time ago in that aspect. Its not I am a big fan of McCains, its more that, I would vote for Hillary or not vote at all before I would vote for your guy!

I am in no way an Obama supporter. The guy disgusts me. I simply look forward to the NeoConArtist monster dying a painful death next month. Perhaps the GOP will become conservative again (fiscal conservativism and staunch defense of the constitution as it is written, not pandering to holier-than-thou Christians special interests who seek to shove their “morals” down all our throats through legislation that does not impede the corporate backers of the RNC “conservatism”). Bob Barr is my man.

You can rant on about Obama’s scandals to me until you are blue in the face, I’m not buying into your notion that voting for McCain is the right thing to do. We can’t afford another 4 - 8 years of the same NeoConArtist scam in the Oval Office as much as we can’t afford some smug socialist from Chicago in there. Please, stop drinking the fear-flavored GOPaide because the Repugnant Party will never cease to be disgraceful liberal party hiding under the veil of “Christian Values” when you fearmongerer believers keep feeding it votes.

Obama is a FREAK.

I will be honest Nick I will vote McCain simply because I don’t think Obama can lead the night shift at the local 7-11 topped off with the fact he is a sosialist. I don’t need GOP-Kool-Aid I know why I am voting McCain. Said it many times on this board, I would vote for Hillary before I would vote for Obama, and I can’t stand her! She could run that 7-11 and she is a bit better in that she is a liberal. By the way Bob Barr is a heck of a lot closer to McCains views than he is Obamas. What do you think Bob would say about the conversation Dopey had with Joe the plumber? In addition, what do you think Obama was saying when he answered him?