Check this out Insurance Industry players in cahoots. Who would have thought?

And for the record. It was brought to my attention, that an employee of a WCE was reprimanded for posting something derogatory about his firm on this message board. The employee told his bosses that I hacked into his NACHI account and posted the comments here. Im not sure if that is even possible, but There is no way that I could pull that off, ever! Came down through the grapevine… So, if that is true… Whoever did that is a serious douchebag.

AWESOME…thanks Dennis

Wow, thank you Dennis.

It’s clear that we need to get organized at the local level. These legislators need to know what we see and we need to stress to them how we meet and greet serious numbers of their constituents on a weekly basis. Constituents that are not happy and would love a target for their disatisfaction with the OIR, Citizens, and the inept re-inspection fiasco.

Russell, do you think that the fhic or Fl nachi or the Fl nachi insurance inspector chapter has a viewpoint that this reporter (or others) might be interested in? Oh yeah I will stand behind any comments I ever made on this message board, I think Citizens, OIR and all the insurance companies are ripping off the homeowners in Florida.

Meanwhile I am sure at least 30% of the wind mits being done are innaccurate or downright fraudulent.

I have to work tomorrow but I will get his email and send him an email and even talk with him if needed. Thanks for the input.

Any specific points you want me to bring up?

No, tell him to look at this thread and make yourself available for a phone conversation, that ought to do it. I have to work tommorrow too, ain’t it great?