Florida Wind Mitigation program is nothing more than a slot machine!

It is a shame for this to continue inspect, reinspect, The insurance company should be investigated by the government and action should be moved against them.

International Association of Certified Home Inspectors is the best Association in the world! The inspectors are some of the most elite in the profession. The education NACHI offers can not be match by any other association.

The people continuously try to make things better.

Where is the our government on all this, they walk on egg shells with these insurance companies.

People in this State are just about getting by and are being attack continuously by the insurance company.

Just had to get this off of my chest!

What gets my goat is this is supposed to be a taxpayer funded operation. In other words WE THE PEOPLE should be controlling on how Citizens is to act. Somehow they think they are a Corporation and can bully people into submission.

Like it or not some things are left better to the people. It’s nice to know that we As citizen’s policy holders are not paying for the destruction that is occurring in other states.

BTW Alfred nice quote in the paper…

Its all about the politics and the money

That’s is very true Bill