Chicago South Side style roofing

There is a special style of roofing that is seen on the South Side of Chicago. Thought I would share it with you.

Funny, Roofers and Plumbers are the only two trades that are state licensed, in Illinois, but you see plenty of people doing roofing or plumbing without a license. The reason? Because people hire them.

So they get a crap job, then the complain.

I rarely have sympathy for them.


“Shabby Chic” is all the rage these days :stuck_out_tongue:

I grew up on the Southside in the 60’s/70’s… I remember this “style” very well. :smiley:

Looks like a typical GREEN Building.
Notice how they cut down on energy use by downsizing the windows on the side.

The roll roofing is a light color in order to deflect UV rays.

The can at the side of the porch is so the owner is able to toss recyclables from the porch with out getting up and thus conserving personal energy.
My guess is that the front entry door is energy star rated.

Hey! I rather like that.

Do any of you know who might be the distributor for that material in Southwest Ohio?

Never mind–I found some dealers. Cleveland Wrecking, King Demolition, and the City Dump.

Thanks, anyway.

Rumpke Dump - 582.3107 :mrgreen:

Hope you called out the “stripes” that weren’t continuous! :slight_smile:

I appeared to me that the “roof covering” was applied in multiple layers and at different times. The wearing of the selvage was different for the different colors.

There were, at least, 2 layers of rolled selvage and 2 layers of shingles.

I still have problems believing that people are so stupid.

Will, you overlooked the obvious. The owner wanted contrast to the color of the structure. Man talk about a deal killer.;).

Thank goodness for these types and similar types of houses. It keeps us in business. If everything were perfect, our profession would not be one. Keep up the good info!

Call me if you need help on this one. :smiley:

But it just PO’s me, a great deal, when the seller or builder demands that you tell them what is wrong.

Can I get a DUH?

I actually had an inspection of the house, next door, about 2 months ago. I did the inspection for a contractor (Highland Park) and we took about 15 minutes doing a look around at this place.

It definetly has some problems. The garage extens out over the ravine, and the footings are bad. Much rust on the columns. Blown seals on most of the thermal windows. Roof is a joke. Didn’t get to see the inside.

Some recent reports I have heard say that it is selling for 2.3 Mil, but has about $200K worth of work to be done.