valley or ski run!!

This roof was really bad.

This valley looked more like a ski run at a local ski place.
Looks like a roof sandwich with all those layers, sheathing looks bad, flashings bad, roof drainage bad, structure bad.

Welcome to Cleveland


152009 044 (Small).jpg

152009 038 (Small).jpg

152009 027 (Small).jpg

I like the gutter set up in pic #1. Heck add another layer, should be good for a year or two if the trusses don’t fail.;);):wink:

I don’t know what the problem might be…looks like the average install around here.

Welcome to Cincinnati!!!

That was the best part of the roof drainage, no downspouts on the entire run.

Hey Jae, looks like a state wide average install!!

The siding was installed by Larry, Curly and Moe as well.

Not sure if a building Dept is around, if permits are pulled I think they are used as toilet paper!

Now the structure looked as good as the roof.

152009 037 (Small).jpg

152009 037 (Small).jpg

152009 010 (Small).jpg