Things seen from an urban roof deck

Doing a consultation on some water intrusion, and took a few pictures from the roof deck. It’s great what you can see when you take time and look.

  1. Nice tilting style chimney, complete with “Chicago Style” flashing (i.e., black roof dope, so named after the roofers who use it).
  2. A typical Chicago urban roof deck. They build them regardless of how unsafe they are and how much damage they do. Please note the kids play set. Also, please note the Ravenswood El (Elevated railroad, urban transportation) in the rear of the house.
  3. Note the roof in the distance, all TV dishes, A/C compressors, vent flues, but they still have a roof deck.
  4. Metal vent flue with a PVC vent flue added for good measure. Caulk flashing, to be sure.
  5. In the center, please note the new Chicago Green Chimney. Also, in the foreground, not how the cluster the vent flues so close together. Helps to keep them all warm and toasty, together. And in the fore, foreground, the chosen roof covering around here. Vertically rolled 15# tar paper. “We don’t need no stinking shingles!”