Co-hosting a radio show.

I will be co-hosting a local radio show in the Chicagoland area. Called Real Estate Revealed ( ) on Sunday at 8:00 AM on WIND, AM 560.

The show is a couple of Realtors, an Appraiser, a Real Estate lawyer (yes, we use those in Illinois), a mortgage broker, and insurance agents and a home inspector. The show is designed to educate. We get calls and e-mail questions and we answer questions and discuss between us the issues, questions and problems of Real Estate.

I will also be promoting NACHI and the CMI designation.

Hope this helps;

Good for you great experience .Hope it leads to more of the same . I did a call in show for about 7 years and it was a big education to me and the public . Enjoyed it very much .
All the best Roy

Do you know if this will be available online? Would love to check it out, but I doubt my transistor radio will receive Chicago stations. :wink:


Good for you Will.

Intruded your territory with a Highland Park job today.
Over 5 hours…should have passed that one to you as usual…lol

Think I like the multi-units much more .:slight_smile:


Sounds exciting!

Check out “iHeart” radio and “tunein” radio apps at Google play they have radio stations from around the world.

Thanks Roy & Dave.

I was on a radio show every other week about home lending and about REA’s. It cost me $300 each show. Did about 30 shows and quit. Two months later the show was no longer on the air. Just not cost effective for me, and did not give me any extra inspection business. Show was live, and good experience for me at least.


Where’s Will? :sad: