Children and inspections...what to do

As I have probably said in past posts,I worked in Beaumont,Tx on contract with FEMA inspecting damaged homes and setting temporary housing.Not a pretty sight.I had to deal with alot of families who had small children.I decided one day,to go to the local Dollar General and buy some small stuffed animals ,and other little items that probably didn’t cost me but maybe $50 for a whole box full.When I did an inspection ,and children were present,I would ask the parents if it was ok to give them a small toy.They really do appreciate this sort of thing.Now,what does that have to do with the Home Inspection business ? When children have to accompany their parents to a home inspection,they are bored to death.What do they do?They grab whatever they can around where you are working,and could possibly get right in the way and be injured.Try this.Ask mom and dad if it is ok to give the child a small animal or whatever you choose,and not only do they think it is a nice gesture,but it also keeps the kids entertained while we are able to focus on our work.It is a very inexpensive way to make sure the client is focused on what you are telling them,and keep the kids entertained at the same time!Try it.:mrgreen:

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Great idea John, I know several inspectors who do the same, here’s what I used to do when doing residential. I used to carry a few kids movies and cartoons on DVD and set them playing on my laptop during the inspection.



I carry small toy flashlights. I give them to the kids and ask if they would “like to help”? They usually go off to “inspect” different parts of the house and have a great time.:slight_smile:

Good one Bill, I use a similar technique with the buyers father in law, who normaly sees his role in life as making sure I don’t miss anything at all. I lend him either an outlet tester or a non contact moisture meter, keeps them amused for hours :mrgreen:



I used Velcro. A strip on their backs and a strip placed on the wall worked every time.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Only kidding guys. Don’t take me serious.

I tried playing children’s films on my computer at inspections. The problem was by the time the film finished I did not feel like doing any work :shock:

I keep a coloring book and crayons in the truck (course, they are my grandkids books), I let kids that are old enough to know not to write on the walls use them. The others, I just lock in the hall closet until I am done. :slight_smile:

I used to think that the only way to deal with kids,was to carry a full roll of duct tape around.My thinking is different now,because I’m about to marry a woman who has a 12 yr old and a 15 yr old.

Cough syrup, calms them right down.

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How about giving some of us older folks a break and change your font. I would like to read what you write but it is to hard on my old eyes.


I used to give out something called a wikki stix. It’s basically waxed string. It’s stiff enough to behave like a pipe cleaner and the wax coating allows you to stick it to another one. It something that will keep a kid occupied for about an hour.

My local PF Chang’s used to give it out to the kids. The stuff is great since it’s child safe, the kids can’t use to mark up the table tops, and you can’t grind it into carpeting.

I think this is just brilliant. A really thoughtful idea as well.

Thanks Dwight, Great Idea. I just bought some today. Can’t wait to give them a try.
Michael J. Ashburn

Good ideas all. It’s funny though, in 11 years I’ve never had an issue with kids at the inspection. Perhaps the parents have all just been doing their job while I was doing mine. :smiley:

Absolutely right Gerry! I mentally add 1/2 hour onto the inspection time when “Dad” shows up :lol:

"Absolutely right Gerry! I mentally add 1/2 hour onto the inspection time when “Dad” shows up "

And uncles, brothers in law, cousins, best friends, all of whom have been in construction (or do it yourself harry homeowners) their entire lives and know more than we do!!

No way on earth I’d leave my computer unattended around a bunch of rug rats!

Poison koolaid works well.

Awwww…you’re such a kid lover. :slight_smile: