Chimney, homeowner was getting water out chimney chute door

Just underneath the concrete driveway was where a lot of the water was entering and then it came out inside the basement through chimney chute door

3:40 mark… downspout extension… some of the Nachi peeps may like this one, got milk?

Job cost $1,300… NO interior basement system would have stopped further water from entering, not on this plant, maybe Mars or on Saturn BUTT not here… got that?


That was funny Mark. :):stuck_out_tongue:

hehehheeee, nice downspout extension huh!

I can’t believe You stabbed that poor chimney soo many times with that screwdriver Bubba
just cruel is all I can say…what in the world was that downspout wrap around made of…looked like a big radiator hose from ohio…Looks like You saved another homeowner a bunch of money partner…nice work !

Ha! Hope your well man. Downspout is like a dinosaur’s rubber.

Yes sir, the homeowner had quite a few other bids for… $$$$$.
And of course, all but 1 wanted to install an interior system, full perimeter bullshtt as usual when the homeowner only leaked in this one area.

Yep, contractor fraud, misrepresentation for… self gain, the usual.

Red Neck gutter and drain system. Guaranteed to shed water away from your foundation and prevent leaks at the interior. :mrgreen::wink:

Now I have to get that picture out of my head. :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Thanks for all your sharing and wisdom Bubba. I love your videos.

Mr. Ramm, sorry, i didn’t mean ta make you sick (image in yer head)

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Hope you are well Mr. Kage.

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Whew, freaking me out just watching you down there in that tight space! Keep safe man!

Mr. Payson,
Here (video-link) someone else is doing some exterior waterproofing and when one piles up the dirt/clay right next to a bank/trench then, THAT is more unsafe as the weight of the dirt piled alongside duh trench alone can cause the trench to cave in… got milk?

Mikey Holmes found that out on one of his episodes (piled 90% of the soil right along duh bank/trench, it caved in)

Notice most if not all of those chumps do NOT ‘show’ us the cracks etc in exterior wall and, don’t tell us how much $$$ they charge… BUTT, Uncle Bubba does