Homeowner was getting water in basement out the chimney chute door

…and through a few rod holes.
Before writing up any waterproofing estimate for her, i ran a water-test with a hose to determine IF she had 1++ exterior cracks or other exterior openings in the chimney walls BELOW grade and within 5 minutes of recreating a decent rain with the hose, she got water in/out through chimney door

Many other contractors would have quickly just wrote her/other homeowners an estimate and told her all kinds of crap in order to get the job. If one is honest then they would ‘do’ a water test because NOT all chimney door leaks are due to 1++ cracks below grade. Some only get water out that door because they have openings ABOVE grade in the chimney such as cracked, loose mortar joints or bricks etc etc.

Same house, before cutting the concrete (in order to hand dig and waterproof the exterior chimney walls)

Waterproofing the exterior walls, 2 exterior cracks in the exterior walls and an open rod hole and OTHER exterior openings in the chimney that were just below----the—concrete

And in the last video here, openings ABOVE GRADE in the chimney…

So any home inspector or realtor or inside basement system nitwit who tells homeowners OTHER things/supposed solutions for leaky basements such as…‘Oh, just raise and slope the grade’, or ‘Oh all you need to do is mudjack a concrete slab… or pour a NEW slab that would have a better pitch’, or ‘Just install an interior system’, they have not bothered to correctly determine a homeowners actual problem(s), NOR did those problems get fixed.

Let’s see how many home inspectors have a tad more than 2 cents upstairs on this-subject…
the videos above… can you see, can you understand after watching a few short azz videos how your incompetent recommendations to raise and slope the grade etc do NOT fix/repair/tuckpoint/waterproof ANY exterior openings which is why the dumb azz basement leaked???

Raising and sloping the grade or mudjacking slabs and so on, would not have waterprofed the cracks, rod hole and other openings in the chimney walls below grade and raising and sloping the dumb azz grade would not have tuckpointed the openings in the chimney ABOVE grade. YETTTTTT, a few home inspectors HERE, right friggn cheer repeatedly reply/post and try and tell my old azz that i am full of shtt, need counseling, am wrong etc…duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!! The TRUTH is, some home inspectors are, have been VERY WRONG for many years…yep, on this subject, yep.

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