Chimney Rain cap?

Hello all! Did a inspection in a little town and came across this Rain cap/ spark arrestor? in the chimney for a small wood burning fireplace. Owner said it had been WETT certified but I don’t think so looking at whatever is going on here. Has anyone seen this kind of venting done before on a chimney?

Q. How do I get a WETT inspection or WETT certificate?

A: There is no such thing as a WETT inspection, nor can any appliance be WETT certified. What is issued is an inspection report by someonewho is WETT certified.

We frequently get requests for a "WETT Certificate,” a "WETT Certification,” a “WETT Approval” or they ask if it’s a "WETT Certified installation.” We also get requests for companies that are “WETT Certified.” All of which are incorrect. What should be issued is an inspection report, done by someone who is WETT certified. This is a common misconception we are working hard to clear up.

There are no legal requirements in Canada for a person to be WETT certified in order to perform inspections. However, many insurance companies are insisting that the inspection and/or installation and/or maintenance of wood-burning appliances and equipment be performed by someone who is WETT certified. The installation and maintenance of wood burning appliances is not regulated in Canada. As a non-profit training and educational association, WETT does not oversee, nor is it responsible for, the workmanship of its members. As such, WETT does not act as a regulator. Our role is education.

Non standard chimney flue rain cap.
What energy? Oil?
Soot on one side. Suspect: Poor venting.
Refer to a licensed HVAC contractor for evaluation.

Pretty sure he stated it was for “small wood burning fireplace” but I agree, it looks like a DYI homemade cap.

Thanks for the info. on WETT certified.

So what’s the problem?
Ain’t no rain getting in, or no sparks getting out!!



Hey, that’s $40 worth of plywood there.


They forgot to lay the brick on top to keep it from blowing off!


!/2’’ plywood has dropped to around 30.00 a sheet.7/16 OSB down to around 18,00


Harry Homeowner invested in high dollar fasteners!!



You are right. Ops.
WETT inspection.

I noted those two Fasteners after I posted about the brick. But I have seen the plywood with brick before, brought back memories… LOL


Can never have enough wood… or brick!! :joy:

I’d just do this and call it good.



I think if the visor had mesh we would be good, and it would be passable. Thanks

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Lol!!! That’s awesome Ryan!.. :rofl:

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I would just call it unconventional type construction. If the home owner said it was WETT inspected, recommend the seller ask for documentation. Also, you should recommend a chimney sweep evaluation of all wood burning fireplaces. Refer back to your SOP for additional verbiage and limitations.


Looks like DIY. Doesn’t look functional, write it up!

Thanks all for the input! Sent the client a picture of a proper rain cap with spark arrestor stating this one was a DYI, recommended repair and that chimney should be further evaluated and cleaned by a licensed technician. I would have loved to send the client Ryan’s however LOL.


Big mistake, IMO. How you gonna handle it when the seller comes back with a paid receipt from a qualified vendor??

Why do ya’ll think this is a DIY cap? I have seen similar many times over the years. In fact, here is another such design… Vacu-Stack Solid Pack Stainless Steel Chimney Cap | Woodland Direct