Not another One

Yes, people, yet another fireplace that was inspected and cleaned befor I got there, not to mention, a written report with a license number and signature.
Will they ever learn?





What were your findings?


What’s the matter, you can see daylight at the top of the chimney. Looks good from here.:roll:

I’m with Patrick, it looks fine.:mrgreen:

This what WETT certified gets you.
For our U.S. friends WETT stands for wood energy tranfer technoligy, supposed to be the be and end all of certification for wood burning appliances and chimneys.
I think not. Me thinks someone is making a ton of money for doing nothing about training.

Larry, I agree. The other problem I have is, when I report to the WETT head office, they never do anything about it.
There should be some reprocution for inspecting this way.