What do you think about this chimney construction…?

This is what was on top of the roof

Below is what was constructed to hold up the bricks on the roof.
The blocks are about 12 foot high.

I am glad you have those kinds of builders in Texas 8-8-08 was a unlucky day for chimneys had one myself. John I think I would have hurt myself trying to get away from that mess before it fell.:frowning: </IMG>

Cmon John…share with us what you wrote…

I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry…:slight_smile:

That is sad…:frowning:

It needs a proper chimney cap :wink: .

Now I’m curios to what was supporting the blocks?

I guess he did not have a saw or a masonry chisel.:smiley:

Really, that’s a sh!tload of weight. What’s beneath the block?

Maybe the wifes side of the closet. :shock:

I once saw a very old house where they had tore out the lower part
of the brick chimney. They left about 6 feet of the chimney sticking above
the roof. Guess what they did to support it? … The framed in some
2x4’s and supported that sucker from the rafters.!!!

John thats AWESOME!!! :smiley: