Floating Chimney

This is an older home. The brick chimney is supported by a framed ledge hanging on the adjacent wall, and partially by the wall itself. I can’t remember seeing a chimney that did not have its own foundation. The post and pier foundation was not adequate to support the home much less the chimney. Has anyone seen anything like this before?

Those chimneys are in many older homes. It was a common technique at the time…think save $, no liner, etc. Not much good these days.

I think everyone will agree that’s a lousy job of flashing.

The framing under the chimney would have been built pretty strong, and it doesn’t appear to have settled at all over the years. But not a useable chimney today without a new liner.

I took one of those down one time with my truck, '66 Ford F250 with posi-trac. I stripped the wall down to the studs, put a cable around the framework then out through a window to the truck. :p:cool:
That was a demolition, not a reno. :stuck_out_tongue:

John Kogel


I saw a fireplace and loft in a twelve year old log home this week with no support on the lower level to transfer the weight to the slab. The fireplace goes a story and a half and sits on the floor. Of course the loft is supported by the floor alone also, which is probably worse because it is not near the foundation wall.

posts under loft.jpg

I just remembered this chimney that was visible from the front of a little workshop, but when I went around back I laughed out loud.

Not floating, but certainly undersupported.


Hi Ted,

Was this framed with a prefabricated fireplace installed and “rocks in a box” glued to the sides?

PS: I always enjoy your cartoons…thanks. :smiley:

No Larry, they were actual stones, so the weight had me concerned.

Thanks for the mention of the cartoons.

…and rightly so if they’re setting on floor framing.

It’s plain to see where you get your cartoon inspirations from. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great photo. That is worse than the one I posted. It is going to end up on the ground some day soon.