Chinese Drywall

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This looks like your company. You are listed in the contact information. No one on the board appreciates this type of solicitation.

You are building a reputation as sneaky and dishonest…

When it involves $$$$$$$, trust no one!!!

This is not the way to get business, in fact you just lost any and all referrals from me.

I wonder how this guys customers would feel if they found out he was a blatant liar? Wonder how far he would take the lie for a buck?

If you are gonna do something this ignorant, why would anyone trust you to inspect their drywall.

Quit spamming. Like no one can tell this is an ad. Just because your annoying I will inform everyone that you should not be used.

All you have to do is a search on this web site to find out any information about chinese drywall. You would not even have had to start this thread.

Hello - I would like to know if there are any inspectors on here that have alot of knowledge with Chinese drywall - please contact me as soon as you can - thank you very mch -