Egress window, leaky basement, efflorescence bottom blocks, quite a bit of Bruce Lee WATA

Ok so here, inside the basement before going outside, no it’s not about a supposed need 4 better drainage, no adding soil up to the ROOF and sloping it away won’t fix the stupid leaks, but go ahead n try, NO… an interior drainage system would not fix, repair, seal the exterior openings that allow the stupid water in on floor but if you wanna spend $10,000- 25,000 on that dumb crap go right ahead

Outside 2 vid’s… egress window area, can’t yet determine IF there is an ext-crack or cracked parging in block wall in this area OR near the corner (next video)… it’s like 10 degrees or whatever now so a water test when it gets a lil warmer will determine those possibilities

corner, mortar deteriorated n like i said it’s possible there may be an ext-crack in wall, efflorescence on bottom blocks inside so…

now if i was an interior system scammer, i would have told them several things/lies, misrepresentations such as, lol , You need our interior drainage system and sump pump because you have a hydrostatic pressure problem under the floor around perimeter, or, your exterior drain tiles are clogged and so we can install our inside drainage system INSTEAD of digging up the outside which would cost you $35,000+, CRAP like that… yeah part of their game is popping UP the cost of exterior waterproofing and making it seem like it’s sooo expensive and that you’d need a backhoe to do it and all the crap, grass, bushes, concrete etc will get all screwed up, LIES… yeah they often disparage ext-waterproofing

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there are a number of things going on there partner…including the poor installation of that egress window…Doesn’t anybody call You out when the weather is nice???

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Helllo Mr Jim, hope you are well man! Did you finish your basement?

Yes sir Jim, several things going on, i don’t always say ‘every possible problem’ in videos as i am getting old, i have about 4 1/2 hairs sticking outta my melon, pretty funny actually… but yeah, when i put my hand under-along the bottom of that window, MarkYYY feels… lol cold air.

There ARE exterior openings along bottom of the window, i went out there n dug dow a lilttle n saw em, can stick my scraper right through em, plus other openings around window, especially on that one side, left and opeings at-near corner… there is a lot of water at corner and under window and then it all goes towards furnace.

So yeah, i dunno YET if there is a crack in ext-block wall under window and possibly at-near corner… as there OFTEN is. But water IS getting in at bottom of window and left side because of the ext-openings. With egress windows, we OFTEN see, dig up under the windows and find numerous openings that were allowing the water, in.

The corner of roof has ice built up as well so, i don’t rule that totally out, just saying its possible some water first gets in UP there then it it drops down behind the bricks and we see it in video, there is deteriorated mortar missing where ya see it in vid and there may also be more openings like that AROUND that corner. I would normally do a water test with a hose to rule in, out the other possibilites but too cold now

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It’s all good here Mark. The basement is done except for a few minor paint touch ups I saved for bad weather days this winter. The trouble is getting my lazy behind in gear to do them. I’m thinking You may have to wait for the ground to thaw a bit before You can get to the bottom of that combo deal You’ve got going on over there…

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Is there a discount for cleaning up all the beer cans?

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hahhahhaaa Goldie!!!

have to check with the BIG Boss man, DannYYY O from Hydro Beer

Jim, did you want to finish basement or did the Mrs want it? Just wonderin’ lol

If it ever leaks i guess if you wanted you could try callin’ Beer Cans Waterproofing, i hear they r the best, will fly out n swoop over n maybe install a pretty pressure relief system

The Boss said we didn’t need a basement at all when we built as She would never go down there. I told Her that was precisely why we needed a basement. :wink: