Circuit Analyzers

Are circuit analyzers a need or a want ?

A want, that is nothing you need for the standard home inspection.

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That’s what I thought. Couldn’t remember any SOP for one.

One really important thing a circuit analyzer does that a 3-light tester doesn’t is identify false/bootleg grounds at 3-prong receptacles.
Which has proven to be very very helpful to me.


How so? In the Inspection field that is.

If/when you plug one of these into a receptacle with a false ground it will show that is properly wired. A false ground can be dangerous.

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I carry one, but I rarely use it.

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Good to know !
Thank’s for responding.

how do you now when the polarity in a receptacle is reversed?

The false ground capability of a Sure Test circuit analyzer is subject to false positives. This severely limits its utility especially in smaller homes. Removing the panel cover reveals much more about the homes wiring. Lack of circuit grounds (no ground bus), cloth covered NM cable (two wire without ground), etc. If you know the home was built in the 50s or 60s you pretty well know some of these items will show up.

As someone mentioned above I carry a Sure Test but rarely get it out. The best thing it does is impress the client. LOL