Electrical Circuit Analyzer

What good receptacles circuit Analyzer for inspection?

This unit is highly rated by many HIs



I agree with Michael.


I have a Sure Test, rarely comes out of the bag. You want a “wiggy” solenoid tester and a few brain cells. Had this one for years (Knopp 60). I liked it because it’s easy to put in a back pocket. Circuit analyzers are overkill for a home inspection and you’ll waste a lot of time using one. I call them “show and tell” tools. If the client sees you using one they ask alot of questions (impressive but not helpfull).


Keep it small and simple

Use whatever tool you’d like, it’s your business you run it the way you want to.

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…but, use this. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I carry a cheap/basic 3-prong tester, a wiggie for old houses with two-slot outlets and a non-contact voltage sniffer. Realistically, the sniffer can accomplish most of the things the wiggie does with a little creativity. I mainly use the wiggie for determining if a box with a two-slot outlet is grounded so I can advise the client they have a third ground conductor and can likely upgrade to 3-slot outlets and have them be grounded.