Citizen Roof Certs

How to handle two different roofs on the roof cert. forms. Client had a rolled roof over garage. Client recently had it (flat) cool coated.

I list both on the form.

One agent told me to only report on the predominent roof for a roof cert. Is that not correct?

Thats what I was thinking as well. Was this a insurance agent?

Not the way i do them.

I do not often do as agents wish. All they normally want is a sale and you on the hook
Most know little to nothing about what is required or what underwriters want.

If the cleint cool coated the roof (recently) its not a replace or partial. would you state it was coated or has 3-4 years of life? Cool layex coating states 5 years leak free?

Recently resealed. Yes, if it looked good. 4+

So check partial replacement? or Replacement? thnks Mike

neither. just state how you find it.

Do you guys realize that people read this?

If he coats it with a five year product would you not give it 4 + if it looked good and leak free?