Duplex insurance inspection

I have a client with a duplex looking for a roof cert.

Do I need to fill out two forms, one for each unit?

And same with a wind mit, would I treat each unit like its own house?

Nope, if he owns both sides and it has not been legally separated you just do one!

Ask them what their agent wants. Do what they want. Ask by email so you have his answer on record.

Charge per form requested. 2 forms twice the price as single.

Built in 78, says he had a new roof put on 93, no permit on file online. Would he need to provide paperwork from the roofer and receipt for me to put down roof is from 93

No cause 93 does not mean sh-t. No discount no proof needed.

Roff cert can be estimated based on condition. Wind Mits cannot.

Okay so he claims roof was new in 1993, and there is a permit for last year for a reshingle for 12 SQ … So do I put on the form complete re-roof in 1993, and then click on the partial box for the repair and put notes in about that, or just put the new roof info down?

Put what you think you know on a cert on a mit put what you can prove :slight_smile:

Thank you.


How many years do you plan on giving that 20 year old shingle roof? If you cant give it the required 3 or 5 years he will not get insurance without replacing it. And if you give him the minimum he will replace it next year. And if it leaks this year you will be getting a call from the insurance company.

I will go out tomorrow and inspect it. If it looks okay and the shingles have held up well I will give my opinion. That’s all I can do. Hopefully it doesn’t come back to bite me.

I always give my opinion weather the client likes it or not.

That is why I ALWAYS get paid first. Saves a bunch of BS.

So far I have not received the dreaded call from the insurance company.

So what if a roof does leak say a year later?

Oh well are you a verified licensed psychic?

All you can do is give your opinion AT THE TIME OF THE INSPECTION.

I do not know of a 20 year old shingle roof in south Florida that has not already leaked. If it leaks in a year they may come back to you. That is why with a roof that old I tell them they need to have a roofing contactor certify it. If something happens they can come back out and repair it for their cost, which is a lot less than I would have to pay.

Just one side note - something very similar like that just happened to an insepctor on the east coast. He however, wrote the report correctly, and the client had another company come in and certify the roof. He was called back thinking it was his report. When he got there there was a fraud agent fromt the insurance company, and the press, on site. They are now looking for the other inspector and they will file suit agianst him.