Citizens - 4 point form

Is anyone else having issues with Florida 4 point forms going through citizens insurance? They keep requesting it to be on “their own” form, which has “example” stated all over it. I do not want to be making special reports for citizens, and using another form for all other insurance carriers.

I have used the Citizens form for all 4 points for many years.
Never had on rejected by a carrier.
On mine there is small print on each page, bottom left that says
Sample Form Insp4pt 01 18
Perhaps you have a program that can remove it.

home inspector pro has a citizens 4 point template built into it.

citizens blank form.pdf (221.2 KB)

here is a blank report I just did using the template.

Wow, that form would be kicked back by the underwriters I’m using. I’ve always used the internachi 4 point form.

I dont do 4-point inspections. I just noticed there was a template in HIP. I’m sure if I filled out the info on the template it would have looked different. But then again its just a template, like all its completely customizable.

get the citizen form here.

Don’t worry about the word “example” printed on the bottom of the form; it’s their form or nothing, has been that way for ages.

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Ok, thank you. Since I never know who the insurance carrier might be, I use the standard form. I’ll just tell citizens, that its my form.