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Had an agent tell me that the internachi 4 point was not acceptable to citizens, I asked her to send me the form requested and she sent a one page form that has no designation as being from Citizens, (Florida Sunshine Home Inspection was the name on the form, No pictures).
So the question is has there been any changes in requirements for the 4Pt that I am not aware of?

Sounds like one of your competetors has brainwashed this agent:D

To my knowledge, Citizens has approved similar forms for most of the other orgs as well.



Not aware of any changes, but that is not uncommon. We havent had any reports rejected because of our form

Like I have been saying a ton of them will do anything to get their guy to sign off on stuff.


The NACHI form is way over kill and should never be used as an insurance inspection if you ask me.

Unless the insurance company pays you to do a report to those specs I would not ever do that.

The agent is blowing smoke. I have never had a complaint about the InterNACHI form.

Unfortunately, it seems that some inspectors started to automatically include photos with their 4 points (even though they’ve never been required) and now insurance agents are starting to require them. A 4 Point never required them and the agents are now using us to supply the photos they use to have to pay someone else to take (the elevation photos). This is a perfect example of how some are making more work, for less money.

Yeppers, I was doing them for years with no photos. In the last 6-9 months all my agents have been getting pissed when I don’t put photos so now I just include it with them all as to not go through the hassle arguing with em.

Interesting, I provide images for three reasons. To provide a evidence of my inspection accuracy, to remember what I did and the added service of not requiring someone else to go to the property. It is less of a hassle for the agent and the client, one trip, one inspection and done. I call it customer service. I have never been injured while taking pictures either. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just different ways of providing service.

Many do get injured.

I guess you have been lucky. Keep running your mouth and karma might just decide to show you a thing or two. I hope not for your sake.:smiley:

What do you think would happen to the fella who steps on this?

Sure would be hard to see under some blown in insulation.

booby trap.JPG

booby trap.JPG

What you call running my mouth, I consider useful information to those deciding how to run their business.

I call that running your mouth.

Are you really going to deny that that comment was towards me or about me trying to get rid of the useless and dangerous photo requirements for wind mits?

It must me nice and cozy in that pocket :smiley:

You side with what the insurance companies want on a regular basis. Your comments speak for themselves.

Again, information for those that find it useful. Only because others(You) will say to never include them.

Just the opposite side of the coin. Your comments speak for themselves.

Implying that I am in an insurance companies pocket is equal to me pointing out that you are to lazy to take or include the images. Maybe it is because someone may use the picture information to prove you are wrong. Which is it?

Like I said the opposite side. Neither is completely right nor completely wrong.

I do not find pictures in a 4 point dangerous and provide them. It does not require crawling thru attics in heat that we should not likely expose ourselves to.

I can verify the same things with a monocular from the hatch as I did before.

[quote=“jshishilla, post:13, topic:69299”]

. Only because others(You) will say to never include them.


I guess you are wrong again :smiley:

I guess you are wrong yet again :smiley:

I have been doing 4 Points for well over 15 yrs…did the first one for a Nationwide agent who provided the one page form…still use it for every one except Citizens. They have always asked for a photo of the front and rear of the home to include the roof. One major carrier put out last year or year before they wanted photos of the water heater and the electrical panel as well. Like anything else you are always gonna have those individuals who are verbose and include way more information than even the agents want or need that includes photos of everything including the family pet…I have see this crap…not kidding. They think by doing more they will ingratiate themselves to the agents and they will become the default, go to guy. Just do what is on the form and any other instructions…don’t go getting creative and screw it up anymore than it already is.

A f-cking men

Get them MEEKER!:twisted: Just take the photos you feel that are necessary. If other folks want to crawl the attic let them do what ever they want:roll:. I just take what ever I feel is necessary without getting to deep in shist. I am not going to kill my selve for a few bucks! There are lots of hungry inspectors out there that will sell their soul for a few bucks.:shock: I guess for them is better to burn theirr asssssses for more than minimum wages](*,).

Maybe it’s not to late.

Me for President :smiley: