New Citizens form 9/13

While I was looking for a reason that one of my forms doesn’t match up, I found this:

It appears as though Citizens has changed their four point form again.

I have been using that form for a little while now in digital form. Sorry for holding out:mrgreen:

Did you fix it first? Also, it appears it is still under review.

No it’s still messed up. I can’t stay and talk about it I am off to see the Hurricanes stomp USF. Chime in later

Thanks for posting. The language on the last page is very interesting. The 1st paragraph on the last page REQUIRES the inspector to CERTIFY the conditions of all systems. What exactly does that mean?

The 2nd paragraph requires dates for all updates- AND WHO DID THE UPDATES. This provision is setting the inspector up for failure. Any agent or underwriter can use this provision (if we or the owner are unable to determine who did an update) to deny an application for insurance. Of course, the inspector will get the blame for this- unless of course- the inspection firm is one of the “preferred providers”.

The 3rd paragraph requires all agents to review the report for completeness before submitting to underwriting. If any “required” information is missing- such as “who did the updates”, then the agent cannot submit the report to underwriting. Again, the inspector will be blamed for this. Based on this form, be prepared for rejected reports and many follow up phone calls from the agent.

Being the cynic that I am, this may be by design to drive the retail inspector out of the Citiizens inspection scheme. Of course, the “preferred providers” will be exempt these provisions because they have “quality assurance” programs in place.

None of it really matters as if there are a bunch of things wrong, especially significant ones, they won’t get insurance, and more than likely, won’t buy the house. I warn all of my clients that this may happen. They are still going to get charged for the inspection, because I have to fine “all” of the deficiencies.

This is a new way to get not only real estate agent, but now, insurance agents, to use the phrase “Deal Killer”!

Accept of course- for the “preferred providers”. I really am a cynic when it comes to the real estate, insurance, and inspector licensing schemes.

I don’t think it matters if it is a preferred provider or not. Either there are a bunch of things wrong and no insurance is issued, or the preferred provider lies, insurance is issued and then, later on down the road, a reinspection is ordered, and I suspect that is coming down the pike. Someone is going to be in trouble…it won’t be me! :wink:

A “preferred provider” lied or did an inaccurate inspection? even with a quality assurance program in place? Why that scenario never even crossed my mind.:wink:

I am hesitant to discuss this further on an open message board. - but I will say that this trend is disturbing and should concern ALL home inspectors- not just Florida inspectors.

I will not do them for citizens Period.

Well Steve, the only way I see to thwart the recent efforts of certain parties, is to expose them publicly. I tried to do everything the legal way, but, one party in particular, pretty much said we are doing what we want and you can try to change it if you want. So be it.

You might want to take a close look at that form. There is one thing conspicuously absent. The name of the company who requires use of this form.

Say hello to the newest OiR form. :wink:

Just looked again at the form I did not see oir what am I missing?

You didn’t see the Citizens logo or name anywhere, is what you didn’t see.

Note the emoticon after my OiR statement.

It isn’t an OiR form, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

I have finished redesigning their form, yet again, into a workable form, complete with picture insertion. Just did a test inspection and took all of 9 minutes!

Have fun I tell all who ask $150 for the Citizens bullsh-t. I will not play thi=eir games and I will not do them any more because when citizens tosses it back for some crap that I am not going to hunt down for them i’ll have an unhappy customer.

Just not worth the mental anguish. Kind of like why I only accept cash and money orders upon arrival before I begin. Stress free.

"I Have A Dream"

I must admit mine is a little different than Dr. King’s but means a lot to me.

Steve, all of those requirements are on the 9/12 revised form (page 3). The only thing I see that was added in this form revision is the photo requirement of an opened panel for AL or double taps. I will stick with the older form myself…no need to waste time with this one IMHO.

I am still using the InterNACHI form for all 4-point and not having any problems.

What do you get for them?

So if Citizens has their form, State Farm has their form, tower hill has their form…how do you shop for insurance? Get each form filled out?

Just when I thought this stuff was crazy, they proved me wrong, it’s just plain old stupid.

Most everyone accepts the Citizens form with the exception of State Farm I suppose. Have not done one of those yet.

I just use a modified Nachi form, it has been excepted by all.