Citizens Electrical

Are all Citizens requiring the electrical inspection in addition to the citizens 4 point forms? If there is a different opinion between the 2 forms, who has the final say on the issue at question? The licensed electrician or the licensed home inspector:shock:

Citizens requires a 4 Point inspection on all properties that are or will be 30 years old during the policy period.

A 4 Point inspection is a limited inspection of 4 systems, or points of inspection. HVAC, Roofing, Plumbing, & Electrical.

As far as I know, Citizens does not have an electrical inspection form (I could be wrong). In my experience, they use the electrical section of the 4 Point. I have been asked to perform a 1, 2, or 3 Point inspection for Citizens. In cases where, for reasons only known to the underwriter, they needed only electrical, plumbing, whatever…

As to who has the final say thats easy, the underwriter. If they don’t like it they do not have to insure you.

Who has final say would be the carrier.If you and the licensed electrician have different opinions, require he summit a report on his letter head with his credentials and summit it to the carrier or owner. When someones license is on the line, things change

No, but there are some situations where Citizens may want a Licensed Electrician to complete an inspection.

Here’s an old thread related to this issue…

Also, attached is the old Electrical Inspection Form that, I think, is no longer used as a Licensed Electrician can just complete the electrical section of the 4-Point Form now.

Usually if you are also a licensed GC or an HI and you send in a certificate that you have taken an electrical course such as the Nachi one you are good!

I would not answer those questions without being one.

Does the entire electrical system meet local codes?

It is why I do not use their form. If they demand it, I’ll refer them to you! :slight_smile:

Current code’s, not likely. Question demands the answer NO!

I said I DON’T do it.
I send it to them to give to THEIR electrician after I know they fail a 4 point.