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Is all Citizens policies on the 30 year old houses requiring the Citizens electrical inspection in addition to the Citizens 4 point inspection? If there is a difference in opinion between the 2 inspectors (lic. elec. and lic. HI), which opinion does Citizens go with? Or does Citizens evaluate the issue themselves based on the report?:neutral:

I would believe the electrician. Whenever there is a difference between me and the electrician I differ to the electrician. We ask them to write it down on their letter head.

Citizens requires a 4 Point inspection on all properties that are or will be 30 years old during the policy period.

A 4 Point inspection is a limited inspection of 4 systems, or points of inspection. HVAC, Roofing, Plumbing, & Electrical.

As far as I know, Citizens does not have an electrical inspection form (I could be wrong). In my experience, they use the electrical section of the 4 Point. I have been asked to perform a 1, 2, or 3 Point inspection for Citizens. In cases where, for reasons only known to the underwriter, they needed only electrical, plumbing, whatever…

As to who has the final say thats easy, the underwriter. If they don’t like it they do not have to insure you.

As an HI you defer to the qualified tradesman more times than not

Jay see attached:

If you want it email me and i’ll send you it :slight_smile:

I give to clients when I know what I wrote them up will fail and tell them to have a licensed electrician read it and agree to fill it out BEFORE giving them a price and or doing the work.

I also tell them to check the license at
or it will not be worth squat :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. :wink: I was just wondering if it would be better to do a 3 point by the Home Inspector and have the Electrician do #4 on the 30 + year old houses.

Why have an electrician do the electrical portion of the report?

Thank you Mike! Good advice on that. :smiley:

Anytime :slight_smile: