Citizen's Property Insurance officially approves NACHI's Universal 4-Point form.

Assurance Check has created an automated form for use by NACHI members. It will be available at our future training course on Four Points.

This is just a sample of the output, the actual form has drop-down boxes for most data selections and best of all it runs under the free Adobe Reader program.

Greg & I have put together an educational package & an automated form that will allow NACHI members to hit the ground running with confidence while the insurance companies obtain a consistent quality field report on the condition of the homes they are insuring.

[FONT=Arial]Our goal is to provide a low cost turn-key opportunity for NACHI Members that will add to both their professionalism and bottom-line which in the long run should reflect favorably on NACHI. Included in the training package will be.[/FONT]

  • A customized automated Adobe Four Point Form for reporting
  • A one-day workshop that will address every line of input on the form
  • General training on each system
  • A field reference manual
  • A step-by-step survey protocol
  • Marketing Plan
    *]Ongoing mentoring

Richard Moran: fixed. Good catch. Thanks.

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Good job Joe.
You just proved everything I’ve heard about you to be true.

Thank you nick!!! Report Host has changed their format for me also to yours, so I can use reporthost to do my 4-point inspections. Thankyou. !!!

N ick,
This is awesome. Another great job!!!

My head is 3 feet in diameter :smiley: .

Good job ReportHost!

Thanks Nick,

You da man!!

Thank You!

This is truly an opportunity to increse our inspection services.

Assurance Check will provide a customized automated form to any NACHI member that has attended one of our boot camps in the past. Please send all of the information that is needed in section 11 of the form along with a digital copy of your signature to and he will e-mail you back your own copy.

A link to the form that will be customized with your info.

Cool Greg!


Has Citizens officially approved this form as well as Nicks??
Or is Citizens simply saying that all the infomation must be addressed in order for NACHI to sign off on these?


Hi Nick,

Our form is the same one I sent you a week ago with some minor tweaks, it has all of the approved elements. Today I added a footer to the last page that shows NACHI members are approved to perform Four Point Inspections.

Here is the Text:

Here is a link to the Sample Report.

Best money I’ve spent in the last 3 years. NACHI membership and the ICC boot camp!

Greg, what is the easiest way to do the digital signature?

Scan your signature and send as a jpg.

I am looking for software to edit the 4 pt ins. inspection forms.
Joe or Greg I was told by Nick that you have this software?

Hi Dan,

Yes we have automated the four point form. The completed form will look like the link below.

Please send an e-mail or PM to Joe with all of your information. Look at the sample and supply all of your info. Joe will make a customized one for you.

I know that Joe is a little busy right now.

Hi Greg

I would like to get a blank 4 point inspection form from you, thanks

Rasheed R. Khan

Help me out here;
I understand that we can do the 4 point on houses that are 50 years or older.What I need to know is what about the ones that are 49 and younger?
Was this brought up before and I missed it?