Citizens wind mitigation discount credits

So the new form pretty much disallows all discounts except:

2002 built homes with no additions
pre 2002 homes without additions
permitted roofs without additions
impact rated openings

A client calls for a wind mitigation inspection…I look up the address…
I see the flat roof addition and calculate it as over ten% Doesn’t matter
if it has clips, doesn’t matter if it has a new roof, doesn’t matter if dimensional lumber, doesn’t matter if it is hip, no discounts. All get downgraded to flat.

I don’t think my conscious would allow me to charge a fee if i could tell by the appraisers website that these people would not qualify for a credit unless they do get some kind of credit albeit not as much.

Will they still qualify for a credit if the home is deemed flat???

Feel free to tell me what I am missing here.


sfh’s are no longer ever considered Flat.

Exactly! :shock:

It may be a requirement for the client to have a wm inspection just to get insurance.

They will lose some credit for a non-hip roof.
Clips or single wraps will help.
A re-nailed roof deck will help.
Hurricane shutters will help.


Who says all that stuff doesn’t matter. You really need to go talk with an agent and find out that there is still discounts for older home.

Exactly, I do lots of wind mits referred to me by a busy mortgage broker and according to him, even if there are no credits, due to the type of lending involved they must have a wind mit and 4-point inspection done. I used to remind him all the time about it but, he would just tell me he knows but still needs them done. I get $150.00 for each of those I do. Been doing them over a year now and still going strong. I stopped reminding him about it! Just go and get them done for him.


That’s what I get for listening to someone who I thought knew something.

Thanks for straightening me out

Any chance your broker has a brother in broward in the same business :slight_smile:

LOL… I cover from the middle Keys to the Palm Beaches… sorry. :wink:


Thats one big area.

Yeah, I try to only go up that far north for either full inspections or when it’s a referral from a realtor who uses me regularly or previous client referral. Recently went up to palm Beach Gardens to do a full inspection for a co-worker of a previous client. She’s referred me to about 5 people. 3 of them bought within 3 miles of each other. I don’t like to say no to those. Then I prepare a picnic basket and make an afternoon of it. Same goes for the Keys. Those don’t happen too often though fortunately.

I love the Keys inspections!!!

Do the inspection Friday morning, the report in the afternoon and I’ll be at Marker 88 for dinner!

The Client does seem a little alarmed when I pull up with the boat!

Nice. Whats at Marker 88 Eric?

Marker 88


I recently went here with the wife and daughter for lunch…

Good food and relaxing atmosphere.

I can’t think of a bad place in the Keys! Wait a minute, I do know one place.

We try to get there at least once a year. I have a friend who has a home in Islamirada that I inspected. He lets us stay there whenever we want.

Here is one of our tripsErics 50th Bday

Very nice Eric. I actually wrote the post wrong. I meant to say the drive up to Palm Beaches doesn’t happen too often. I actually enjoy the Keys. Get down there every chance we get. It’s always a vacation down there!


Bert, you practically live in the Keys. Hard to get much closer.

Eric, are those wrought iron decorative or security bars on your windows a life safety hazard?

What are you talking about?

That is my neighbors house. And yes, they are. When we have a hurricane, being the good neighbor I am, I put his shutters up on the second story and I have to take those things down. I tried to convince him to leave them down, but his wife likes them.

You’re right about that. That’s why we often drive down just for a World Famous Fish Sandwich at

Absolutely the best!