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Can someone post the % of which mitigation factors get the most discounts and which get the least.

Is it worth it to get a wind mit if you have a gable roof ?

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Here are some “GENERAL” guidelines based on my experience.

If a homeowner has never had a wind inspection, if they can get at least 1 credit (any credit) then it usually pays to do the inspection.

Hip Roof is usually the biggest
Then the Roof assuming it meets FBC
Then Clips/Straps and or Nails
Gable bracing - no credit
Gable roof - won’t hurt them unless they are currently getting “hip”
It is possible to “Max” out on the no. of credits so for example:
If a homeowner is getting FBC & Straps & a Good Nailing Pattern then by the time they make it to the shutter discount it could be an additional discount of $30.00 bucks. (Sometimes it is helpful to know that if they are trying to decide if they are going to replace the garage door with an impact door and/or replace skylights with impact skylights).

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Here are some old numbers I came across a long time ago while doing some research. These numbers were on State of Florida brochure or something similar.

Hip Roof………………………………….28%**
FBC Approved Shingles……………….7%
Plywood/OSB w/8d Nails…………….9%
Clips or Straps……………………………18%
SWR Applied to Hip Roof………….32%
Hurricane Rated Shutters.………39%

Thank you Michelle

How about block vs frame?

So no FBC, no hip, no credit or no fbc, no hip, but block home w shutters = credits

I am trying to figure out if there is ever a reason not to do a wind mit.

For instance…block home with no other mitigation factors…

Gable end bracing gives no discount. Block/frame/concrete gives no discount.

Homes with flat roofs greater than 100 square feet, and homes with no clips rarely benefit from a wind mitigation inspection.

Usually the agent knows the home is block. Rarely do they need a mitigation inspection to prove it. (Unless there seems to be an argument about it). If there are no other discounts available … then it wouldn’t usually be worth doing.

Even if they had approved windows and doors

The wind mitigation or 1655 discounts are not identical from company to company. I believe insurance companies are required to provide their policy holders the OIR 1655 discount disclosure on an annual basis. This is usually provided to policy holderrs in their renewal package at renewal time. Some insurers, such a mine, provide dollar amounts but most list each construction feature in percentage ranges. Understand a sliding scale is used. If a home only qualifies for a discount on one of the construction features then the discount should be at the top of the stated range for that item. As the number of construction featurers that qualify for discounts increases, the actual amount recieved for each item will be lower in the stated percentage range.

I did inspections for 2 of my neighbors. 1 only got credit for clips and he received a $230 discount. The other only got credit for new roof and got $194 discount.

I’m sure you’ve already seen this website about calculating your wind mitigation savings, but just in case your not aware of it, here is the link.

Hope this helps!

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